Friday, May 29, 2009


Last night I was finally able to attend one of the PAGDIG (Portland Game Developer Interest Group) meetings here in Portland. This one happened to be held at my alma mater the Art Institute of Portland.

A Gentleman by the name of Corvus Elrod (Man Bytes Blog) was speaking, and I of course had my sketch book in hand as I listened to his presentation and life experience regarding the ins and outs of networking. A large focus of his speaking was aimed at blogging and the networking available through that medium. His, being a story teller I can easily see how blogging would be an effective method of displaying his talents. Of course this rings double true for us in the visual arts as well.

So when I got home last night I decided to make some art to blog. So here is my representation of Elrod from last night. I was playing again with the method of using color pencil and swiping it with an alcohol swab to get some nice texture and blending. This time I swiped it a couple of times, once after the initial black pencil drawing, and again after the color block in. I then grabbed some white liquid tempura and painted in some highlights and brightened it up. Finishing it off with a black ink pen.


papertara said...

You did a really great job of meshing all the different components together to create one fluid piece. I didn't even realize that there were various different medias until I read the blog.

Lisa said...

Although I love all forms of art (I minored in graphic design in college, and also used to paint portraits), I don't usually comment on any other blogs outside the culinary arts, but I gotta say, you've got one hell of a blog. Great writing, art and photos.