Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Thought I would toss up a few art cards today. Been working on a 3d version of the red devil guy that should be all finished up tonight. I will post him on the bog when the time is right.

little illustration

Thought I would post something other than art cards. Made this for an illustration class a couple terms ago. The topic was the crucible. After showing several ideas to the class this is the one that they all voted on. I should have some more goodness to post soon.

Some old stuff

Thought I would post some old stuff from my days studying graphic design at PSU. At the time I thought this was pretty hot stuff, now I look at it and cringe. It is funny how that is. This first one is a reproduction of a Botticielli painting that a recreated using illustrator and photoshop. The other three were for the same class and was done in illustrator. The subject is an apartment community that I managed a few years ago. Good times.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Bobert just can't keep his face out of the lime light. And so here he is again for the second time.