Thursday, October 25, 2007

Office Demon - Low Poly - Begger

This is a low-poly game model that I am working on at school. He is a predator animal that lives on a forest planet.

I was really happy with the way the bricks and cement turned out in this little rendering. Probably the best art card I have made so far in my opinion.

I would image that in the underworld there must be some kind of method for keeping track of all those damned souls. George here is a member of a whole army of demons devoted to the task of managing all of Hell’s paperwork. And by the look on his face it appears that he enjoys the office work just as much as all of us do here in the overworld.

Both of these cards were made with marker and Colored Pencil.


Joe said...

Wow dude, these are all pretty great. Such a big jump in improvement in your work. That demon is by far the best. Great line quality on both.

roman said...

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